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For all communications, please email us at: Please go check the COVID-19 section of our website for further details on shopping and longarming services. For In-store pick-up, please wait to receive an email stating your order is ready before coming to the shop to pick up your order. We process orders in the order they are received. Thanks for understanding!

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Longarm Quilting - By Appointment Only!

Thank you for your interest in longarm quilting at GRS Fabrics! Completing a quilt is a wonderful experience and we are excited to help you with your quilting needs. Through our shop, we offer edge-to-edge pantograph quilting. You will be able to choose from a multitude of designs and choose your thread color. We only offer longarm quilting for our local customers. Below is a "know before you go" on prepping your quilt top and/or backing for longarm quilting.

Measuring: Our quilters require the quilt backing to have an additional 4" extra on each side than your quilt top (Example: If your quilt top is 50” by 60” then the quilt back needs to be at least 58” by 68”). This allows for the long-armer to secure the quilt "layers" on the machine.

Quilt prep: 1.Snip as many excess threads as possible. (if there is an excessive amount of threads that need to be snipped, an additional charge will be added)

                    2.Square up your quilt top..

                    3.Press your quilt top and backing fabric (there will be an additional charge for pressing, if wrinkled)

                    4.Press your seams on your quilt top open as much as possible to avoid thick seam joins and press the seams on pieced backing fabric open.        Important for a beautiful result!

                    5.Make sure there are no rips, holes, or visible damage, repair seams that may have come open, and that your quilt top lays flat.  

                    6. DO NOT place pins or safety pins in any part of a quilt you drop off.  These can be missed and damage the quilt and machine.                  

                    7. DO NOT baste your quilt together with spray, pins, or stitches. 

We are unable to piece backings, add borders, or to attach bindings at this time due to demand. Please have your quilt ready to be longarmed at dropoff by following the above guidelines.

Pricing:  Our fees cover in-stock pantographs and thread. (Please note: the fees DO NOT include batting)

If the selected pantograph requires denser stitching, there will be an $8.00 charge.

For an average pantograph, the charge is $.0225 per square inch.  If you select a pantograph from our catalog, the charge per square inch is $.0275. Please see below for calculation.

Example formula for determining cost for quilting: Quilt size: 50" X 50" = 2500 square inches

For an in-stock pantograph:                                                  2500 X $.0225 = $56.25

For a design chosen from our catalog:                                  2500 X $.0275 = $68.75

Thanks for reading the fine print; we want you to be 100% satisfied with your quilt! If you have any further questions, please call 281-528-9898 or email

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