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Linda Brannock

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“This all started when I wanted a quilt. In 1974, there were not many for sale and not any that I could afford. So I knew I would have to make one. Finally, I found a class and began this great journey.

“I started teaching in 1980, to a group of friends in my basement. After practicing on friends, I taught at eight different places and traveled 200 miles a week.

“I created patterns for local businesses: Quilt Country, then Evening Star Farm, Red Wagon and now for Quilter’s Station. I have loved the last 27 years – many joys and stresses. I’ve enjoyed traveling, teaching, attending quilt markets all over the U.S., and designing fabric for Moda.

“I started my own pattern business, the Star Quilt Company, in 1993 and loved it for 10 years. 

“What am I going to do now? PLAY…”

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