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Liz Goodrick Dillon

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Self-taught artist Elizabeth Goodrick-Dillon sold her first piece at 14 and became an established artist by 16. She has worked full-time in the arts for the past twenty-five years. Growing up with artistic parents, grandparents, and siblings made it pretty clear what she was going to do with her life. She says, "I have to create art daily."

Through her painting, sculpting, and photography, she covers a wide range of different subjects including wildlife, flowers, holiday, landscapes, people, and fantasy.

Goodrick-Dillon grew up in Nebraska, married, and moved to Colorado where she lived for 22 years. Now residing in South Dakota, she has one daughter who is an amazing artist working towards a degree in Archaeology. Goodrick-Dillon has also worked with husband, a guitarist, over the years.

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Miracle in Bethlehem 26571-N Geo Poinsettias Navy

$8.59 $11.45

Artworks IV 25818-X


Bountiful Blessings 24515-A


Bountiful Blessings 24515-E


Holy Gathering 23889-E

$8.55 $11.40

Holy Gathering 24602-R

$8.55 $11.40

Holy Gathering 24602-Y

$8.55 $11.40

Northern Lights 24423-B


Northern Lights 24424-B

$8.33 $11.10

Northern Lights 24424-W

$8.33 $11.10

Northern Lights 24425-V

$8.33 $11.10

Rejoice 23889-ZB

$8.06 $10.75

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