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Nicole Tamarin

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My husband once called me the Macgyver of all non-threatening situations and my mother said I've been busy since birth!  But truly, I love to create, decorate and manipulate all that is around me.  I have a BFA with a concentration in Illustration from Mass College of Art where I graduated with Departmental Honors.  I have always had an interest in product design; and after college I worked at an interior design firm, exploring the use of space, color, pattern and texture.  

Designing art for products as it seems to tie all my previous interests neatly together.  I have to say I have never created art for the sake of creating, I have always found myself asking "now what?". One of the most exciting things is seeing a final product develop from what was once just a sketch on paper.  It never loses its thrill!  Whether it's opening a magazine to see my image nestled in the text, or seeing a product with my art on it, I just can't help but smile!  

Watercolor has been my main medium of choice for over fifteen years, though I am well versed in Photoshop and enjoy being part of the product development process.  Despite the movement towards digital art making, I find that I can deliver polished work with exceptional attention to detail and a consistent level of finish, all while remaining flexible enough to adapt to client needs.  My goal is to make traditional watercolor as easy for manufacturers  to work with as art created digitally.  

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