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Moda Designer Sentimental Studios is a fine art studio best known for their romantic florals and fine line work. The studio is a melting pot of talented artists from painters to colorists, each an expert in their respected field. Their design story is always one of timeless beauty rich with tradition. Collectively, Sentimental Studios takes a fine art approach to every design they create. From concept through to completion every step is handled with the delicacy of tending to a fine orchid.

Moda Designer Sentimental Studios, romantic florals and fine line work rich with tradition


Autumn Breeze

Autumn Elegance Metallic


Dogwood Trail II

Evening Mist

Fresh Picked

Holly Night Metallic

Let it Glow


Regent Street Lawns 2015


Roses & Chocolate

Summer Breeze

Summer Breeze II

Summer Breeze III

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Wild Blue Yonder

Wildflowers IV

Wildflowers VI

Wildflowers VII


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