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Terry Clothier Thompson

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Terry Clothier Thompson was born into the fifth generation of a Kansas pioneer family. She watched her grandmother and aunt quilt during visits to the family farm called Peace Creek. Her quilting began with the scraps she saved from a dress she made for her daughter, Shannon, in 1967.

Terry teaches classes on dating quilts to small groups of women who want to know about the old fabric in quilts and their history, and to educate quilt shop owners on how to be an informed seller of historical reproduction fabrics. A lover of quilt history, Terry was a principal documentor for the Kansas Quilt Project and a co-author of Kansas Quilts and Quilters, published in 1983 by the University Press of Kansas.

Terry also designs reproduction fabrics for Moda. Her impressive collection of vintage fabrics c. 1790-1950 inspires her to create authentic looking fabrics for historical based quilts. In addition, she designs and writes books for Peace Creek Pattern Co., owned and operated by Terry's daughter and her husband Kent Richards. These books are about Terry's pioneering family and the quilts of the 1800s-1940s period of America's history.

Terry makes her home in Lawrence, Kansas.
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